Alternative Activities During Extended Football Free Period

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Are you a football fan? Do you like sports betting? Here are seven activities you can enjoy during this football free period.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt sporting events around the world, football and sports betting fans cannot seem to find alternative activities to keep them entertained. However, there are dozens of things you can do while at home to free your mind of the dilemma of lack of sporting events.

Here are some of the things you can do online alone or with your friend.

  1. Play Online Casino Games

Online casino games are suitable for all adults and have kept punters entertained for decades. You can now access them using most smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices, meaning that you do not need to leave your house.

Playing at these casinos can be fun and rewarding if you manage to win some money. It is also easy to learn how to play the various casino games on offer, and most have demo versions. Check out a few recommendations on

Remember to choose an online casino that provides a fast payout to ensure you receive your winning quickly.

  1. Try Free Online Games

If you are in a region that restricts online casinos, you can play online games at any moment from the internet. There are dozens of websites that provide this service for free and allow you to challenge yourself against other players.

You can also download some apps to access these games while offline. Playing online games, and offline ones can be a fun way to keep yourself entertained.

  1. Tour Popular Stadiums/Land-Based Casinos Virtually

You can visit your favorite football stadium or land-based casino with Google street view to have a feel of what life was before the pandemic. Google street view allows you to enter location addresses in various parts of the world and then use a mouse to explore the building, streets, and more.

You can even tour the inside of the stadium or casinos while at home.

  1. Enjoy a Visual Safari

Just like football stadiums, land-based casinos, and other sporting and entertainment places, tourist destinations have shut down. But everything is not closed as most attraction sites are offering virtual safaris to take care of the digital visitors.

If you feel tired, why not relax your mind by enjoying a relaxing tour of your dream holiday destination?

  1. Plan Your Dream Vacation

You might get inspired by visual safari and the Google street view to plan your dream vacation when the world starts to open. Explore the various hotels, tours, excursions, and cruises you would like to experience from the internet.

It is not possible to go for a holiday today, but you need to start planning now.

  1. Share Video and Pictures Online

Hundreds of social media can let you share videos and pictures with the rest of the globe for free. You can take photographs doing fun activities right home, and then share them online with other people.

The best thing is that there are accounts that enable you to choose who can view your video or picture. You should not fret about your privacy since you can opt to share with your family and friends.

  1. Watch TV, Movies, and Videos

The internet has everything you would like to watch, from movies to videos and online TVs. One popular place is YouTube, where you can catch a lot of videos and even relive the best football moments of 2019/20 season.

You can also stream movies from various content providers like Netflix, Hulu, and Most of the online content is accessible via mobile devices, making it available to people without computers or desktop.

In Conclusion

We have listed just seven alternative activities you can try during the extended football free period. So, whether you a gambler or a football lover who likes to place bets on various sports, you do not need to stress during the coronavirus period.

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