Sonos Roam Release Date & Specs Rumours: 9 March Event

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The Sonos Move is a great speaker but too bulky to be truly portable, but a new device will fix that problem. What was dubbed as the ‘Move 2’ or ‘Move mini’ has now been extensively leaked as the Sonos Roam and will arrive very soon.

An FCC filing for a new speaker gave us some initial details but The Verge has posted almost everything you could want to know about the Sonos Roam so here we go.

Sonos Roam release date

We already know Sonos is holding an event on 9 March to launch a new product. However, it was a bit of a toss-up between this portable speaker and the rumoured Sonos Headphones.

Thanks to the leak, we now know – well 99.9% anyway – that is will be for the Sonos Roam. The event will take place at 1pm PST, which is 9pm in the UK.

You’ll need to tune in to the Sonos Press site to find out, where it looks like there will be a live stream.

The Verge says the firm plans to release the Roam on 20 April.

Since the event was announced, a teaser appeared on the official site asking users to sign up for updates suggesting it will be this small speaker due to it’s ‘something not so big is coming’ tagline.

Sonos speaker 2021 teaser

Sonos Roam price

As well as the release date, The Verge reports that the Sonos Roam price will be $169.

That’s a lot cheaper than the $399 Sonos Move and even the budget $179 One SL. 

Since Sonos has the same prices in sterling, we assume the Roam will be £169 in the UK and the firm may offer a bundle discount for buying a pair.

Sonos Roam specs and features

The FCC filing gave us a number of hints as to what this new speaker (model number S27) would be like, including Bluetooth connectivity and a wireless charging base.

Sonos Move 2 Bluetooth speaker

While The Verge doesn’t have any images of that wireless charger it will cost a further $49.

As expected, the Roam will have Wi-Fi (version 5 ( going by the FCC details) along with Bluetooth and will switch between the two depending on where you are using the speaker.

At home, it will function like any other Sonos speaker and can be used as a stereo pair over Wi-Fi if you have two. It uses, as you would expect, the latest S2 software platform.

In terms of design, it will be 165 x 50 x 50mm and weigh around 450g (the Move is 3kg for comparison). It will also be fully waterproof, although we do not know the IP rating yet.

Sonos Roam speaker

A cylindrical design was shown on the FCC listing similar to the UE Boom, but the Sonos Roam has a rounded triangular shape more akin to the Kef Muo and Denon Envaya Pocket.

In typical Sonos style, it will come in black or white.

It appears the Sonos Roam will work on its side or stood on one end. It has touch-sensitive controls and built-in mics for hands-free control – either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

If you don’t buy the optional charging base, the Roam will charge over USB-C and has an expected battery life of around 10 hours – almost matching the Move’s 11 hours.

Check out our guide to the best Sonos speaker.

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